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Cash Control


  • Register cannot be operated with cash drawer open.
  • Accurate calculation and reporting of amount DUE from customer by elimination of errors:
    • Preset Menu Keys
    • Three Tier Modifier Pricing
    • Automatic Tax/Total
    • Coupon and Discount
    • Control from order entry through amount tendered and change due
  • Optional Integrated Credit or Debit Card
  • Under rings are eliminated by preset key with price. Customer gets only what is printed on receipt and paid for.
  • Over rings are controlled by manager - no retraining of cashier or charging at old price.
  • Price changes implemented by manager - no retraining of cashier or charging at old prices.
  • Cash drop under system control - with manager's key.
  • Employee meal and foregone revenue (coupons, discounts, waste, etc.)
  • Cash Control Reports:
    • Dollar totals by station within register (2 stations per register) with 26 revenue totals, by station and system total.
    • Coupon Accounting - Multiple types of coupons (user determined) controlled by number received, total dollar value of redemption by station, total system. Each coupon can be preset as to value.
  • Non-resetable sales total.
  • Teleprocessing available to office.


Provides positive means of controlling across the counter theft.
Reduction of lost revenue through orders not being rung up in part or total. (Detailed receipt is provided to bagger from system.)
Reduction of lost revenue through giving customer order of higher value than paid for (with receipt/claim check verification).
Errors reduced by using central print out of cash reports vs. hand written.
Proof of sales and tax collection according to tax laws of every state.
Provides maximum cash audit control that can be made at anytime during the day by cash drawer and register totals.
Eliminates transposition errors to second system because of available teleprocessing to office.
Daily total to YTD total plus clear total provides day to day control of sales. Clear total should equal number of days of year to date.
Hourly revenue totals help to determine system was operated during entire day.

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