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Visual Monitor

The DOCUMENTOR® Visual Restaurant Manager™ enables you to control all your restaurants from your headquarters location.

The Visual Restaurant Manager tracks everything: sales ($ and Quantity), items, finished goods, inventory, food costs, employees, labor cost and hours.

Reports can be viewed on the screen, sent to a printer, or captured in a file for transfer to other computers. Over 28 separate reports cover all areas of restaurant operation: daily, weekly and monthly. You can see the big picture by looking at all stores, compare store against store, or zoom in on one store.

The Visual Restaurant Manager automatically polls all of your stores on a regular basis. Polling each store typically takes about a minute.

While the Visual Restaurant Manager is polling your stores it also updates each store with new menu items and prices. Keeping all your stores on the same menu and with the same prices is now completely automatic.

The Visual Restaurant Manager also makes it easy to change the keyboard layout for the POS terminals. The entire keyboard is laid out in front of you on the computers screen. What you see is what you get!


List of Reports

Store Listing

  • List by Number
  • List by Name


  • Daily Payroll
  • Period Payroll
  • Extended Payroll
  • Weekly Hours Detail
  • Labor Scheduling Analysis- Weekly
  • Labor vs Sales (Cumulative Weekly)
    • Use Daily or Weekly Payroll


  • Daily Summary
  • Weekly Sales
  • Weekly Sales Comparison
  • Monthly Sales
  • Customer Counts- Weekly
  • Discounts/Deletes/Voids Report
  • Deposits by Bank


  • Ideal Food Cost-Weekly
  • Sales by Class Group
  • For the Day, Week & Month
  • Sales by Class Group & Store
  • For the Day, Week & Month
  • Item Listing by Class
  • Item Listing by Number
  • Item Listing by Name
  • Portions Report
  • Items Sold & Revenue
    • For the Day, Week & Month


  • Daily Usage
  • Weekly Usage
  • Monthly Usage

Finished Product

  • Partial Bin Scheduling
    • For the Day Only
    • For the Week Only
  • Full Bin Scheduling
    • For the Day Only
    • For the Week Only
  • Recipe by Finished Product Number


  • Daily Inventory
  • Weekly Inventory
  • Monthly Inventory
  • Portions by Inventory

Consolidated Reports

  • Area Managers, All Stores
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Area Managers, All Stores
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Group Report
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly

Half-hour Sales

  • Weekly Half-hour Sales
  • Daily Store Sales

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