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Wireless Tablet

Wireless Tablet

Wireless & Portable: Line-busting made easy
• Drive-thru orders taken anywhere
• Use in lobby for fast service
• Easy inventory input with wireless: Carry along and enter inventory as you take it in!

Documentor Software Features:
• No Single Point of Failure - Data Redundancy in Every Terminal
• Reduced Training Time with Touch-screen POS
• Online Inventory and Labor - Helps reduce shrinkage and reduce labor
• Product Prep Forecasting - Tracks items sold for the past 4 weeks, by the half-hour
• Fully Open Database Compliant (ODBC) - Linux operating system
• Complete Electronic Audit Trail - Tracks all transactions by terminal
• Supports Up To 16 Kitchen Videos - Kitchen videos can be redirected based on peak times
• Optional Interface - Credit card and Debit card - Order and total confirmation - Plus other interfaces
• Automated Polling From Home Office - Receive and send information, i.e. price changes, cost changes, & more
• Corporate Consolidation - Combine all stores information for reporting ease
• Back Office - Manage payroll, inventory, menu items, & more

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